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Our Representatives come from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds. 


Successful Representatives have the following in common:

  • Motivated, confident, energetic, and have a positive attitude.

  • A great communicator. Strong presentation skills.

  • A fast learner. The ability to listen, follow directions, and hit the ground running.

  • A hard worker. Have a strong work-ethic. Be a self-starter. Someone who is eager and willing to succeed.

  • A person of integrity. Have a high degree of honesty. Stand by your work.

  • Professional. Present yourself professionally in appearance and how you conduct your business.

  • Interested in sales. Although no specific sales experience is required, some experience is beneficial.

  • Technologically in-the-know. Basic computer knowledge helps you better connect with customers.

Top  Reasons to Work for Central Payment 

  • Superior Agent support. Central Payment has a solid infrastructure for training and developing your skills. We are committed to providing the best agent support in our industry..

  •  We pride ourselves on being a debt-free and stable company. Our focus is on the future of our Sales Representatives. You are our #1 customer. We are committed to building a long-term business relationship with you.

  • Everybody loves free. Our “free terminal program” offers free equipment (T4205 or Nurit 2085) to your customers. For sale or lease. Absolutely no strings attached. A great close-the-deal incentive.

  • A good deal. You receive the difference between the rates and fees charged to the merchant, and the rates and fees rates and fees incurred by Central Payment—also known as interchange. This is not a buy rate program, but a true interchange split program.

  • The bottom line. We guarantee that we can match or beat any merchant's existing rates. In the rare case that we cannot, we will pay the merchant $250 for the time it took to match their price.

  • Exceptional support. We offer around-the-clock Customer Service and Technical Support. Our vital support network serves to retain business and ensure excellent service for your customers.

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